It can feel like an age has passed when you first set out creating your new extension , finding the perfect design that works for your needs, going through the whole lengthy planning process, to finding that perfect builder. Time and the daily stress can sometimes distract you from the outcome. Today I got to sit in this beautifully designed bespoke kitchen and have a warm coffee by the log fire. I really got to absorb what this client has accomplished. From the onset this was an easy project from a design perspective because our client had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. But due to the height of the lintels it meant lowering the roof to a flat roof, which then made the space feel smaller and darker. We suggested that they raise the roof to an angle then place 2 small velux's into the roof creating a lifted bright space. They ran with the design and what a beautiful outcome. The builder matched the natural stone so on the outside it looks as though the extension has always been a part of the house. Inside what a beautiful, bright, homely space they have. The kitchen is center to the hustle and bustle of the family, which is where all my childhood memories are. This extension has added real value to the property , but more importantly has made the kitchen the center of family activity, be it eating, drinking, homework, or just catching up with old friends over a nice cup of hot coffee.